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Magformers 30 Piece Multicolor Magformers 30 Piece Multicolor
Who isn't drawn to magnets? Multicolored Magformers are the ultimate can't-put-them-down, let's-do-it-again building shapes. Extremely powerful magnets a...
Magformers Designer Set Magformers Designer Set
Magformers Designer Set lets you build your way with 62 super-powerful, high-tech magnetic pieces that stick together on every side. They always connect,...
Magformers Magnets in Motion Magformers Magnets in Motion
What will these magnetic building parts attract? Kids and fun! They’ll love the movement from colorful spinning gears and gadgets. These pieces always ...
Magna-Tiles Clear 100 Piece Magna-Tiles Clear 100 Piece
Go from flat to 3-D in a snap (while learning basic math!). Magna-Tiles Clear Colors are amazingly simple: two sizes of squares and three kinds of triang...
Magna-Tiles Clear 32 Piece Set Magna-Tiles Clear 32 Piece Set
Go from flat to 3-D in the snap of a magnet! Magna-Tiles are amazingly simple: plastic shapes, magnetically engineered so that they attract on all sides,...