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Mad Mattr Ultimate Brick Maker - Relevant Play


Ages 3+

Mold your Mad Mattr into bricks you can build with!

Each kit comes with two ounces of Mad Mattr - A unique molding material that never dries out, is easy to clean up, and is wheat, gluten, and casein free.

Stuff the special brick mold with some of the included Mad Mattr, squeeze it together to pack it in tight, and then take it apart – Just like that you've got a perfect LEGO-like brick ready for building!

Stack up your bricks any way you want. Build a castle, a house, a fortress - Whatever you can imagine.

Then, once playtime is over, no need to tediously take it apart one by one. Just smash it all down into one big Mad Mattr jumble!

The Mad Mattr Ultimate Brick Maker Set launches classic dough play to a new level of creative construction fun.

Mad Mattr The Ultimate Brick Maker Set
Special mold for turning included Mad Mattr into bricks you can build with
Encourages fine motor skills, creativity, planning, imaginative play
Dough play is launched to a new level of construction fun!
Mad Mattr holds its shape, easy to mold, never dries out
Wheat, gluten, and casein free
Includes one brick-maker mold, 2 ounces of Mad Mattr compound
Brick maker measures 3 x 3 inches
High quality materials for exceptional creative-play experience
Compound made in Sweden, plastic parts made in China

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