Sqishable Chocolate Cupcake


UPC: 012193817846

Ages 3 +

Don't Chocolate Cupcakes just make you want to dust off your to-do list and achieve? They should! This gooey confection is the Official Cupcake of Productivity!

How does this decadent dessert motivate so delightfully? Try this! Create a timeline with "now" on one side and "Chocolate Cupcake" on the other! Then add whatever job you hope to accomplish right in the middle! Now, whatever challenges might occur are but tiny little hurdles between you and that Chocolate Cupcake. Trust me, believing in yourself is a lot easier when you know fudgy calories will be your reward.

Thanks to the magical power of "not-making-it-out-of-food", the Squishable Chocolate Cupcake can be a fuzzy partner for productivity any time! "Hey," it whispers in your ear, "finish that algebra homework, and then we can hang out!" Tasty!!!

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