Squishable Blue Tang Fish


UPC: 841024101720

Ages 3 +

Blue Tangs have bad short-term memory, and a strange fascination with finding small, lost clownfish. Everybody knows this. OR DO THEY?

In real life, this lovely blue reef-dweller has great long-term memory! In fact, they can remember that certain sounds mean "dinnertime" for up to 5 months later! So you can train your Blue Tang's tummy to start rumbling anytime "Purple Rain" comes on the radio, if that's the kind of thing you want to do.

It's harder to test the Blue Tang's supposed propensity for seeking out missing clownfish. You could try it out by placing your clownfish in another room and see if the Blue Tang makes her way there, gathering a quirky cast of friends along the way? Just a thought.

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