Squishable Cherry Pie


Ages 3 +

America loves an underdog! We root for the scrappy upstart, coming from behind to win at the very last minute (preferably through a longshot trick that takes advantage of the big guys' overconfidence!) As the clock runs down and the tension mounts, with nothing but gritty determination and pluck...

What was I talking about again? Right, Cherry Pie! You see, Cherry Pie is technically America's fifth most popular pie! Can you believe it? In the pie world, this delectable combination of ripe fruit and flaky pastry is the longshot with big dreams. Right now, the road to #1 is full of obstacles, but with the right combination of training montages, warm hugs from you, and some sweet slow-motion shots in the third act, we can get Cherry Pie to the top of the pie heap! And then we'll put a scoop of ice cream on top of that heap! And eat it!

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