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Crazy Aaron's Glow Thinking Putty - Aura


UPC: 705105856773

Ages 8 +

Some things are more fun when they glow. This is an anger/anxiety/stress management tool. We call it Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. The Putty does not do the thinking, you do. If you think you need to smash something to bits because your boss scolded you for bringing your dog to office, then the putty will faithfully shatter to bits for you. You can knead it, stretch it, bounce it, sculpt it and pop it! It is putty in your hands, literally! Make a bust of your favourite philosopher with it, or simply knead it to get rid of the stress. This putty is therapeutic, it lends itself to the kind of repetitive, destructive action that is so soothing when you are anxious about the yearly sales forecast. Also, it makes for a great gift to someone you know has a tendency to get nervous or has a zany, creative side to him or her.

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