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Koosh Original Ball


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Ages 3 +

It's a...!

Well, it's like this...!

And, well, you'll remember it from...!

And it's weird, man!

How do you describe the feel of a Koosh ball in your hand except that it's a fascinating, tickly, squishable, crazy little thing that's super fun to throw and catch! It's such an addictive feeling you might not want to put it down!

It's easy to catch and made of thousands of rubbery strands. For a ball, it's kind of hairy and creepy (in a good way!). They're soft, so when you play catch, you're more likely to giggle than whine.

It's great for young kids to learn to throw and catch, too. It's not going to break a window or scratch the siding.

So what is it...? It's like a hairy little alien, only you throw and catch it.

It's... Koosh!

That about sums up the whole experience! You'll just have to try it for yourself!

Koosh Ball - 3 inch
A ball of rubber strings
Encourages gross motor skills, throwing and catching skills
It's a tickly, squishable, crazy little ball!
Koosh balls come in a variety of colors
Includes 1 3-inch Koosh ball
Made of rubber latex filaments

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