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My Squishy Soap Dough


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Ages 4+

Sudsing up in the tub becomes a creative, pretend-play adventure!

Following the illustrated instructions, kids simply mix the glycerin with the soap-powder - (don't worry, it's not explosive like nitro-glycerin) - then, kids can mold and shape the soap dough just like clay.

Create fun sculptures. Make unique shapes. Grab the water-safe plastic body parts and googly eyes to build goofy creatures and characters.

There's no end to the creative excitement!

But the best part? - Kids can take them into the tub and actually use them to get cleaned up, just like regular soap!

Bath time becomes incredibly creative with the Klutz Jr. My Squishy Soap Dough kit.

Klutz Jr. My Squishy Soap Dough
Kit for making a unique clay-like substance that doubles as bath soap
Encourages creativity, scientific learning, imaginative play
Brilliant bath-time creativity!
Mix the glycerin and soap powder to create clay-like soap dough
Use the water-safe plastic parts and googly eyes to create fun creatures and characters
Includes 32 plastic body parts, googly eyes, 3 batches of berry-scented soap dough
Illustrated 16-page instruction book included
Soap dough can be used as actual soap in the tub
High quality materials - Exceptional crafting experience

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