Nick Doll


UPC: 4010168226828

Ages 1.5+

Nick wears blue jeans with a cargo pocket and belt, and a plaid collared shirt with pockets. Both the shirt and pants are removable. Note that the light blue undershirt is built into his body and his stylish sneakers are sewn onto his feet for safekeeping.

This classic, soft boy doll has vibrant blue eyes and a sprinkling of freckles on his embroidered face. His wild blonde hair is made of chenille and will not tangle!

His soft quilted body is sturdy enough to withstand rough play from children 18 months and up, yet still soft for cuddling and carrying. Nick has a beanbag bottom so he can sit on his own.

Nick makes a great keepsake doll - he just may be the doll that your child will remember when older, and look back on with fond memories.

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